Monday, August 9, 2010

Why friends are important to have by PF

You know ordinarily I will find it hard to stand up in front of a crowd and speak. I have to admit it is a bit scary but I can do it and the reason I can do it is because I look out on a crowd of faces and amongst those faces I see friends.

Firstly, friends are great company and heaps of fun. You never feel lonely when you have friends and also never bored. I actually heard that friends are like apples - they keep you healthy and fit. My friends and I are always laughing, running around, jumping and playing on the playground. We all have a special handshake and a few quirks.

Secondly, you and your friends should support each other. Whether it's a running race, trying something new or a weird event that happened at home. Trust is also very important. You should be able to trust your friend with almost anything. Secrets, dreams etc. All of my friends and I support each other. If one of my friends is in tears I will stay with them and support them until they feel better.

Lastly, friends accept us for who we are, not by the look of our faces. If we had a lazy eye or a difficulty real friends wouldn't mind. I have a lot of friends with different religions, cultures, skin colours etc but I don't mind. I don't judge books by their covers so why judge people? Friends give us the confidence to be happy with ourselves no matter what we look like, sound like or even if a boy and girl are best friends it doesn't matter.

So in conclusion, I thank all my friends for supporting me, trusting me, being great company and heaps of fun. You guys are the reason I come to school everyday. To see the smiles on your faces cheers me up. So once again, thank you.



Belinda said...

Hi Room 12 Blurbs!
Thanks so much for letting me visit your room today and talk about blogs. I hope next time I look at your blog I will see a few new posts - so good luck! Remember - now that you are all experts you need to help others in your class to blog too. Maybe I can come back another day and show you how to upload photo slideshows?

Room 12 BDS said...

We love our blog!

S.R and J.H. RM 12.