Thursday, August 12, 2010

Smiggle the power of marketing

How many of you like smiggle? Heaps! That's why I'm here to talk to you about Smiggle magically popping up everywhere in the middle of a recession. A recession is when the world slows down and no one has much money, but one company is progressing really,really well and charging what they like. Have any of you thought about how this could happen? Well listen and find out.

Pink, green, blue, black and purple bright colours attract young people and no matter how far away you are from a Smiggle store you will always find one to buy things from. Pencil cases, drink bottles, rubbers, pens and ring binders practically anything you can think of. What will they have next? Number plates? I wouldn't be surprised.

And the cost is blinding! $20 for a pink pencil case with the smiggle logo on it when you can go to the Warehouse Stationery and get the same thing for 5 dollars, yet plenty of us are doing it. You may not know this, but there are thieves, smiggle thieves, waiting to rip into your pencil case and steal all your precious things.

Smiggle brag, that an 'explore,poke,play and a visit' to their store is just like a hug from your best friend! They don't make it fun to shop in their stores. Smiggle is aiming to be the worlds biggest selling stationary store. In 2008 they hit N.Z and after only 2 years they have almost hit their goal.

No question Smiggle is not an awesome brand, but their secret to success is the way they market themselves with there emphasis on bright fun products.

In conclusion Smiggle is smart enough to get people to buy expensive products during a recession through there original bright coloured ideas and extensive marketing.


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Louise said...

WOW! smiggle the power of markting it was a great poem to read!