Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why do the dirt bike tracks have to be so far away?

Hi! I would like to talk you about dirt bikes. Last year mum and dad bought me and my brother a dirt bike. Dad taught us how to ride them but we can't ride them round the streets like our push bike because that is illegal. So we have to go to the dirt biking tracks. There are a few but they are far away, 2 hours drive in the car each way. So my argument is, why do Dirt Bike Tracks have to be so far away?

Travelling time. We spend about 2 hours in the car going there and back. You have to have a full day spare to go dirt biking because of the travelling time needed to get there. Now that it is winter and my brother plays soccer on a Saturday morning, we can't go dirt biking on Saturdays because the afternoons isn't enough time. If your car breaks down you're miles away from anywhere and usually there is no cellphone coverage.

This could also be quite dangerous if someone was hurt. Sometimes for example if it is a long weekend, the traffic is really heavy with other people going on holiday so it takes even longer to get there. Sometimes people get car sick on long trips. You can't play your PSP or Nintendo DS because after a while you feel sick. If someone is feeling sick because of the windy roads, you have to go on, you have to stop and this makes you journey longer. If you get car sick when you finally get there, you don't feel like dirt biking because your head is all fuzzy and it could be dangerous to dirt bike with a fuzzy head.

What about our carbon footprint? My bike uses about 3 to 4 dollars worth of petrol. When we go out for the day but mum and dad spend about 30 dollars on petrol in the car just to get there. The dirt bike tracks are usually on farms and most of the time you need to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle to get round the farm, so if you buy one you end up driving a 4 wheel drive round town the rest of the week when a more economical car would do.

I would like to see the council build some dirt bike tracks around the city. I think that this would make it easier for more people to get into the sport.


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