Thursday, September 16, 2010

Smells like off cheese going mouldy and puked on by a cat that recently ate tuna
Looks like a lab tested fish with teeth rotting and evil, cold hearted blue eyes
Sounds like a hawk screeching in pain from being bitten by a vampire bat on full alert
Feels like a slithery, scaly dried out piece of sea weed covered with damp sand and moss
Faster than a cheetah, ruthless, blood thirsty, enraged.




Smells like rotten meat with 1,000 year old eggs.

Looks like a terrifing, slimy worm with big leeches and a head like a blobfish.

Sounds like a fulmar vomiting.

Feels like a small room filled with taniwhas and can move as fast as a sneeze.



Smells like marshmallow dipped in with melted milk chocolate
Sounds like a soft whisper swaying through the wind
Looks like an enormous dragon with a golden diamond on the end of its tail, fighting for his friends and people

Friendly, speedy, a hero and an enormous playground for children


Thursday, September 9, 2010


Smells like an egg, soaked in a bowl of vinegar.
Looks like a snake strangling it's prey with it's strong ,deadly body.
Feels like the inside of a mango, cut up and slimy.
Sounds like a tiger, trying to terrify it's prey by growling fiercly.
Tastes like a chicken fillet in a Mc'Donalds Mc'chicken burger, all tender and chewy.
Fast, deadly and as skilful as a seal.


By Ab.K


Smells bitterly foul like old cat food, which has been in the green fingers garden bin, spreading disease to all its nearby neighbours.

Sounds like a monstrous herd of elephants storming their way through the crowd, trying to get the front seats.

Feels like a revolting, rotten boiled egg which has been dunked in really salty soy sauce.

Looks like an old tremendous grannies face with lots and lots of scales but with very, very sharp teeth and claws.

Fiercely fast, terribly sly, and like a rhino charging.


witten by A.S


Smells like rotten cheese in a sewer pipe

Looks like a very mean t-rex with wings

Sounds like like an erupting volcano in a cave

A very mean killing machine with a temper like a rhino




Smells like an elegant cherry blossom as delicate and fragrant as a touch of nature and sweetness.

Looks like a precious, baby- purple lavender with rosy pink cheeks and a slender model's body.

Feels like a smooth babies bottom that has been moisturised with squishy, Johnsons baby lotion.

Sounds like a lush, swift baby lullaby, echoing through Alice's magial Wonderland.

Mighty, soft, lucious and wholehearted.




Smells like a rotten, old squid mashed with raw, cracked eggs,

Looks angry like a sly fox waiting for 'the hunt,'

Sounds like a huge, mad motor bike starting up with a blaring, deafening roar,

Feels like gooey frog slime covered with oozy mould.

Petrifying, Terrifying, Agonizing, and Beastly.


Written by J.M


Smells stinky like smelly feet.
Looks like the carcass of a dead body.
Sounds like evil that kills other night flying creatures.
Feels soft like a fluffy feather.

Taniwha poem



Smells like rotten fish covered in human armpits

Looks very wry, sinister and fast

Sounds heinous, ghastly and abusive

Feels scaly and hideous

Evil, jealous, irritable, clever and dangerous




Smells like delicious, delightful and dainty hot steamy chicken soup made from nutritious italian herbs. :)

Looks like a beautiful, bewitching and brilliant blossoming rose.

Sounds like the one and only Michael Jackson. A lovely, marvellous and outstanding voice. Aaow!!!!

Feels like a soft, silky pink blanket, like a marshmallow.

Incredible, intelligent, amazing and stunning.




Taniwha oh Taniwha, you smell like a moldy pot of baked beans with slimy frogs that are over a year old.

Taniwha oh Taniwha, you look like a crunchy piece of dried up toast that has been in the sun for 3 years with a bit of potato skin that was peeled in 1840.

Taniwha oh Taniwha, you sound like a big, fat pig oinking away trying to have a baby, with a bit of a ROAR to it.

Taniwha oh Taniwha, you feel like a puffy white cloud with sharp teeth as spikes.

Taniwha oh Taniwha, you can be a clean, mean, fighting machine


By E.C.


Smells like a crumpled, oily crab dipped in the dirty toilet.

Looks like a wild cat quietly creeping up towards its prey.

Sounds like a herd of elephants thumping on the sand.

Feels like a gooey, scaley,bumpy thing.

Taste's like uncooked meat drizzled with rotten cabbage juice




Sounds like a lion roaring in tremendous pain and agony.
Looks like a glamorous, scaly dragon with long pointy wings and red beady eyes.
Smells like rotten eggs over- cooked on the stove.
Feels rough scaly bumpy and hard round the outside.
Caring, kind hearted and fair.



Smells like cat vomit, will refuse to take a bath.
Looks like wrinkled old paper dipped in vinegar.
Sounds like a broken alarm clock but with a deeper ring.
Feels like mushy fish guts with a leather jacket on.
Tastes like I don't know, I dont go licking taniwhas.
Filfthy, overpowering, unpet-like and razor sharp teeth.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Fantastic Maori Bread

Today we are making the fabulous Maori Bread. I didn't bring anything because I was sick. The people who are in my group are me E.C, Fantastic P.F, Lovely K.S, A.K and G.T.
I am feeling really excited about making the Maori Bread. I think the Maori Bread will have a different look to our normal bread. So it may look something like a bird shaped thing.
I think that it will taste yummy and melt inside your mouth. Mmmm sounds delicious.
Making the Bread was spectacular fun. What I got to do was rolling the dough and pouring the flour. The people in my group made a great team.
The most interesting thing that happened was watching the Maori Bread get made in the frying pan. What it did was puff up like a sausage.
The funniest part about this wonderful activity was that all the flour went everywhere, I mean everywhere.
The Maori Bread looked like a square orange because that was the colour of it, orange. Ok lets get back to the story.
Mmmmm, have you ever tasted Maori Bread, it's like me except tastier!
I would probably make it again because it is in my heart and always will be. Ok forget about that heart part thing BYE!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The day we made Maori Bread


Oh! I can't wait to get rid of that wonderful sensation that is urging me to try the only thing that made me come to school today....Maori Bread!

I have been sick and I didn't need to bring anything to school but my mum did. Yay me!

I have got five people in my group and I will tell you them.There's me of course, Lovely E, Cute K, A and G. I'm glad E is in my group, we're BEST FRIENDS! :-)

I think it will look like a crunchy piece of dried up dough but it will probably look like a piece of normal old bread, like french toast or something.

Last but not least I think when I taste it, it will blow up in my mouth like a firework, nah just jokes! It could taste like a crunchy piece of dried up dough -te he!


OK! That was...ok! The thing is when I put it in my mouth I straight away heard my tummy go,"No more for me please!" Do you see where I'm going with this. FINE! I will tell you the short version. I l i k e i t b u t m y t u m m y d o e s n ' t. There said it!
Making the bread in my group with Lovely E, Cute K , A and G was a mission! We got three cups of flour mixed with six teaspoons of baking powder. We added three cups of butter, then added the milk( we mixed with our hands. ) Once done,we rolled it out, cut it into squares and put it on a plate. We cooked it with lots of oil, and there you have your Maori Bread.
The best part is mixing the milk with the other ingredients, you get really messy, sticky, icky. It gets stuck to your fingers and... OK lets carry on with the story.
The interesting part was when you cook them and they sizzle around in the frying pan. They swell up really big, like a grandma's butt!
They looked orange ! A goldy, browny,orange colour.
Well, it tasted like burnt dough with lots of flour. Really yummy, squishy and squashy.
I would probably do it again at home if mum says so. I had fun and pretty me, Lovely E, Cute K, A and G were a great team!
Written by P.F