Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Speech! Why are electronic games good for kids?

Kids should be allowed to play educational games on playstations and computers.
There are quizzes, spelling and maths games as well helping with your education.

Quiz Buzz gives you education about the world. It gives you information about many countries. You get asked loads of questions. If you get the answer wrong it will tell you the answer anyway and you still get to learn.

Computers help you with your spelling, like hang man and word search. You can use them in your spelling games, you can use them with your friends.

Maths games can help you with you subtraction and addition and with your tables. It is fun at Botany Downs School. We play mathletics on line, it's a lot of fun and we get to learn at the same time.

A computer is a machine that tells us about the world such as mind games, knowledge games and quiz games. I've learnt lots of things about the jungle and I have learnt a lot of things about animals. Survival games on the playstation have exploring games, you get to learn how to survive in the jungle and deserted places.
Different websites have learning games. When we were learning about Space I played Star Wars. You get to imagine that you are in space.

It is a good thing not going outside because you will be safe inside and not be bullied, you can play games inside nicely. You wont get into trouble with naughty friends. Some friends get you into trouble so you can't trust them.

So, I think playing games on the computer and playstation is good for you and.....AWESOME!

A.K. 9 years old

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