Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rona and the moon- Book report.

This myth is called Rona and the moon. ( Rona and the Te marama.) This book is about a lady called Rona and a husband that spoils her. Rona was always demanding of her husband for anything she wished. One day Rona demanded a big fish.
While her husband was fishing in his waka (canoe) she fell asleep. She woke up and lifted her gourd (water bottle) but it was empty. She tried calling her husband but he was too far away. She finally decided to get water for herself. It was night time and she couldn't see. Suddenly she tripped up and twisted her ankle on a tree root.
"You old cooked head," she yelled at the moon. The moon got very angry with Rona and so he grabbed Rona and pulled her towards him. Rona tried to grab the Ngaio tree, but the moon pulled the tree with her. When her husband returned with the fish, he saw that Rona and the ngaio tree were stuck on the moon. That is why, when there is a full moon, you can see Rona holding onto the Ngaio tree.

This myth and legend would be recommended to children from the ages of 9-12.
We rate this legend 6 out of 10 because we felt it needed to be more enticing. We liked the creative plot line.

By: J.H and S.R, RM 12.


Nigel said...

Great review. I like the way you told the story in a few sentences, and were able to comment on it's ability to grab your attention. Maybe the story needs to be told to younger children?

Nigel said...

A very good summary of the story. Well done, especially with the words you used.

Anonymous said...

A very interesting reveiw!

S.R's awesome sister!