Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Speech- Environment-Save our trees!!

We have to cut down less trees! We're destroying animals homes, we might even be killing innocent animals just for fire wood! Each year, between 60,000 and 200,000 square kilometres of tropical rainforests are chopped down!
So I demand we chop down less trees not just for the animals but for our Earth!

We are humans and we need oxygen to live , what do trees make! That's right, oxygen, do you really want to die young? Cutting down a tree and not replacing it with a new one gets rid of our carbon dioxide removal system and the carbon dioxide is left in the air, peeewwww! Just walk into any big city and the smell is awful, you can smell the carbon dioxide in the air, you don't want the world to stink do you? I know I don't. Now picture a world with no trees, every where stinks, And guess how many trees are being cut down a year? if you guessed 25,000,000 you're completely right!

If you cut down too many trees then most of the animals will not have anywhere to live or any trees to get oxygen like we need. If you cut down trees then you have less oxygen producers, think about that the next time you cut down a tree. The animals need their habitat to survive, and many, many animals depend on the forest. The destruction of the forest kills them, causing the species to become extinct. If the animals have no homes they're going to look for a new one and while their looking for a new home they are being hit by cars! Not a pretty sight now is it? The animals take trees as their place to stay or where they survive daily so imagine this, you're sitting on the couch watching TV minding your own business when suddenly you're falling out of a tree and you hit the ground with a thud! Oh no you'll miss the end of the movie!

Never mind. By chopping down trees we're polluting and it's pretty simple to figure out what I'm talking about. We're ruining Earth. For example you take out a tree stump then you can cause a mud slide. Yeah it's that easy. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, so when it's cut down, it doesn't pollute at least not right away. As the tree decays , it releases the carbon dioxide it has stored back into the atmosphere causing pollution. With the destruction and burning of the rainforests more and more carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere. Trees play an important role in producing oxygen from carbon dioxide.

My point is, while you think your'e helping people by cutting down trees and giving them warmth, remember it's still destroying animals homes, polluting, and all those other things. But there is always a limit.


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