Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Beaming Ancestor

The carvings on the ancestors which are called Pou Pou, are quite peculiar and unique. They cover most of the Whare nui, the meeting house. There are a range of ways to tell apart a female and a male ancestor. The carvings on the males are much more dramatic and not as consistent as the other gender. The most obvious way to tell them apart is that the male sticks out its tongue horrifyingly. The most fascinating thing about the Pou Pou are its eyes. They are made from glistening paua shells. The ancestors on the Waka taua- the war canoe, their paua shells have a different effect. The shell reflects the glorious moonlight into the peaceful, swishing water, to make light and guide them through the night. The pataka is a place for storing food and clothes. They keep food, seafood and clothes seperate in different corners. The ancestors paua shells scare other tribes with a menacing glare. You better not mess with them you mischeious little kid!!!


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