Monday, August 9, 2010

Speech-Money on trees

Money should grow on trees! I mean it would be very useful. Hands up if you want to be as poor as an abandoned dog, exactly! Just imagine walking into your back garden which is filled with money, wouldn't that be nice, but whats even nicer is that you get to rip it all off and spend it all!

First of all... I could buy an aeroplane, stuff it with toys and travel around the world! I could live in a palace with servants and get to order the best meals yet! I could go to Hollywood and maybe, just maybe become best friends with Miley Cyrus!

Second of all... I won't have to do any more chores for me to earn money, which means no more dishes. I don't have to tidy my room or make my bed. That way I have more time to read, play games, compete in sport, watch TV, and do art. I'd probably get to play on my laptop, see friends and finally I'd get to climb trees.

Thirdly, people will become wealthy. They will have the money to buy themselves food, water and shelter. This will mean there will be an end to poverty and starvation. There will be no more of those horrible ads on TV shopwing children whose dying every 90 seconds because of starvation.

I personally think money should grow on trees and I'm positive that you will all agree with me, for all of these specific reasons. I';m sure adults won't mind either. (in order to pay bills.)


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