Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Speech-Why scientists should make vegetables taste better

Nooooooooooooo! Vegetables again?! Who here agrees with me that vegetables are yuck? Disgusting! Who here thinks that somehow scientists should make vegetables tasty even though I think that's impossible to make that horror on a plate turn into a dream on a plate, but they should atleast try for all of those kids who don't want to throw up after eating vegetables.

Imagine your dinner tasting like party mix, take beans as an example. They could be the next cut up liquorice and it won't make our head explode, it would be like magic. Carrots and peas could be an example to. Carrots could be the next crunchie bar or something and peas they can be like tictacs but mint flavoured.

You wouldn't get yelled at for not eating your dinner and it would save the lecture that your parents are planning if you don't eat it. Have you ever had your mum or dad staring at you shouting "eat that cauliflower! Or, getting a great big lecture going a bit like this " I cooked this dinner for you, at least give me some respect, blah, blah, blah!" I have, but that wouldn't happen if that cauliflower tasted like dairy milk chocolate.

Plus, kids might love their dinners so much they would want to know how to cook it and then cook it for the family. Imagine how happy parents would be if kids actually wanted to help in the kitchen. There would be more interesting cook books and parents would be happy again if their kids were reading more. Plus it would save money and parents love that too.

You're probably wondering how the heck do you save money if vegetables are flavoured like lollies? Well I'll tell you now. Kids will eat everything so nothing would be thrown away and you would no longer have to spend money on buying lollies and chocolate. Have you thought about the rubbish men, when we waste our vegetables they have more and more work to do.

So in conclusion, I think I've told you some really good reasons why I think scientists should spend time and money on making vegetables taste better. Kids would be happier because they would enjoy their dinners, parents would be happy because they won't have to yell at their children so much and families would be happy. So all this could happen if vegetables tasted like chocolate and lollies. But hang on, I just thought of something. What if you don't like lollies and chocolate?


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