Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The model Pa

Wow! The model Pa at the museum is amazing. It shows you some men fishing because they can't go to the fish and chip shop like we can. They had to catch their dinners and once they caught their fish they would hang their fish on fish racks. There were also some men in the forest chopping down trees to make a waka. There also was some tunnels at the back so if any other tribes came and attacked there would be some way to get out and away. Did you know that if a chief is killed the tribe that killed the chief would destroy the chief's Pa and steal food from the Pa, and after that they would put a curse on the Pa. No one would be allowed to go on that Pa. We could see some men in the model, they were hunting for food in the forest. They would follow a trail into the forest. There were some people gardening for food, they had to grow their own.

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Great writing. Very interesting and informative. Thank you, I enjoyed reading it D O.