Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Speech-Rugby League- A Great Game!

New Zealand has done it! They have won the world cup! No, it's not the All Blacks or the Black Caps and if you're thinking All Whites, it's not. It's the Kiwi League team! Ever heard of them? Well then listen in. In the greatest game of all, there are quite a lot of teams, 16 in fact. That is a lot of people involved. I, C.S like the whole concept of the game, it's fast, physical and skillful.

I say rugby league should be brought into schools and you should play what you want to play so you have fun. Kids can be educated by skill and not by being around bad crowds. This is an example of Rabbitohs star Fetuli Talanoa, he used to stay out late, graffiti on things, drinking alcohol and even stealing cars! Now he is a well behaved middle aged man in love with the sport. Rugby league is played in remote places like Russia, Papua New Guinea, Scotland, Germany, America and all the islands. It is in far more places that most of us would be aware of. Rugby is sooooo slooowww...... it starts and stops the whooooole game. Unlike rugby league it hardly stops.

I LOVE THIS GAME! THERE IS A PARTY IN THE HOUSE! Have you heard that song? I think you have. Do you know that in rugby union they're still in a scrum while league has already finished the set. In the league the defence is stronger, trys are more skillful and a whole lot faster, like edge of your seat in golden point, like sharks vs. cowboys. No. 6 won the game for the sharks! 'Cowboys kicker missed from in front and could have won it for the cowboys.' State of origin, mate vs. mate, that's what they call it. They have massive scraps, people get unconscious and get headbutts and rip jerseys and most of them are in the same team the following week if they're not injured. You should watch a game of it man, it's physical.

Sunnybill who? Israle who? Brad who? When somebody like Sunnybill Williams is in a bad mood and walks out on a contract with the Bulldogs, he has to wait till the contract is over to come back to league. But no one wants him in their team. Yeah he's fast, yeah he's strong. OK, he's good at playing league but he made a fool of himself. Yep. Israle Folou TM, he was a great player but hey, the game did not stop because of him. Brad
Thorn was told 3 or 4 years ago, he was part of the Brisbane Broncos. So he went over to rugby and is now still the best All Blacks Fords.

1907 to 2010 so forth and is still going strong. This is nearing the end of my speech. I hope you have enjoyed my speech and I hope you were listening because you will see my name in the news. That's right! My name, C.S, and no, not on NZ's most wanted!
GO THE KIWIS! I'm in the team.


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