Thursday, August 5, 2010

Speech! Computer games are good for kids.

I believe that PSP and computer games are good for kids.

Take mathletics for example. It is great for kids and it is played on a computer. You can learn division, multiplication, pluses and takeaways. You can practise lots until you're really good, then you can do all of your maths work at school.

Buzz is a fun game using a special control. You get to hit down on a button if you get the answer right and you get to stay in the contest. The person who gets the most right answers stays in and is the winner. This game helps you learn and gives you answers to things that the Teacher might ask you.

If you're having trouble with your spelling you can go to a spelling game and try the basic level. Start with level one and work up to 20, the spelling test goes up and then you will improve.

There are lots of maths games that you can play on the computer and you can play on mathletics. It is a good game to play for kids because there are numbers and times tables.

In conclusion I believe that electronic games are good for children.

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