Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The day we made Maori Bread


Oh! I can't wait to get rid of that wonderful sensation that is urging me to try the only thing that made me come to school today....Maori Bread!

I have been sick and I didn't need to bring anything to school but my mum did. Yay me!

I have got five people in my group and I will tell you them.There's me of course, Lovely E, Cute K, A and G. I'm glad E is in my group, we're BEST FRIENDS! :-)

I think it will look like a crunchy piece of dried up dough but it will probably look like a piece of normal old bread, like french toast or something.

Last but not least I think when I taste it, it will blow up in my mouth like a firework, nah just jokes! It could taste like a crunchy piece of dried up dough -te he!


OK! That was...ok! The thing is when I put it in my mouth I straight away heard my tummy go,"No more for me please!" Do you see where I'm going with this. FINE! I will tell you the short version. I l i k e i t b u t m y t u m m y d o e s n ' t. There said it!
Making the bread in my group with Lovely E, Cute K , A and G was a mission! We got three cups of flour mixed with six teaspoons of baking powder. We added three cups of butter, then added the milk( we mixed with our hands. ) Once done,we rolled it out, cut it into squares and put it on a plate. We cooked it with lots of oil, and there you have your Maori Bread.
The best part is mixing the milk with the other ingredients, you get really messy, sticky, icky. It gets stuck to your fingers and... OK lets carry on with the story.
The interesting part was when you cook them and they sizzle around in the frying pan. They swell up really big, like a grandma's butt!
They looked orange ! A goldy, browny,orange colour.
Well, it tasted like burnt dough with lots of flour. Really yummy, squishy and squashy.
I would probably do it again at home if mum says so. I had fun and pretty me, Lovely E, Cute K, A and G were a great team!
Written by P.F

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